How to Achieve in Life while being Surrounded by Naysayers

Having a negative environment around you while trying to challenger yourself to achieve your goals, financial or otherwise, can be a very difficult task. People discouraging you to try anything before you’ve even embarked on your journey will be there, at some point in your life. Here is how to deal with them and move on to become what you’ve always wanted to be.

Do not Ignore the Naysayers – Take Notes

When someone is discouraging you to do a certain thing, let’s say an 8000km bicycle trip around Europe, you should see why they’re discouraging you. If it has anything to do with your actual trip or if they present fair warnings, such as a part of your route being blocked by the military, you might want to listen and adjust your route.

If, however, their complaints and discouraging comments have more to do with their own injured egos and a conformist, insecure way of life, then you should probably ignore them. To be able to do that, you should know yourself and your limits, which is the next important tip on this list.

Know Yourself – As Much as Possible

Knowing yourself completely is a very difficult task and not many people can brag about that accomplishment. Knowing your limits, however, whether physical or mental or in the world of business, should help you judge any situation with regards to how much you can do at the given time.

That also gives you a new perspective on other people’s opinions and their validity in your situation. If they’re discouraging you and you know that you can do whichever task you need to do, then dismiss their opinions.

If, on the other hand, they are offering serious advice as to why your endeavor might be unsuccessful at the time, you should listen. By knowing your limits, you will know when to move and when to wait, patiently.

Filter Out the Negativity

Negative people might surround you, but if there’s no reason for them to be around you, you should use every opportunity to be by yourself, if you can’t find positive people. Just getting away from the negativity should improve your mood and set you back on the path of achieving your goals.

If some of the people who are negative are your friends or your relatives, in that case, you have to be honest, even though if that might end up hurting their feelings. Their negativity is hurting yours, so being honest about it and even distancing yourself from them is going to help you in the long run.

Breathe in the Positive

There are positive things around you, movies, books, tweets, posts on Reddit and the people outside. Tune your mind so that it detects and absorbs the positive, a smile from a cashier, random people enjoying themselves, stuck in conversation, a pair of lovers walking down the street, a wonderful tale of happiness, whether a video or a book, anything can be a source of positivity, if you start noticing it.

No matter how many negative people are in the vicinity of your everyday life, there certainly will be positive ones, too.

Stay true to your goals, but know yourself before you embark on a journey. Do not wait too long and dismiss any silly and hateful messages, whether online or in person.