Is Writing about Online Gaming a Job with a Perspective? – How to Establish Yourself in this World

Online gaming or eSports journalism has been around ever since eSports took off. Today, there are so many championships and video games you can write about. There are also established websites which have dedicated writers and staff to bring about constant updates on various topics. Writing about eSports is different from writing reviews about a welcome bonus at Winorama or about a sports betting site. Online casinos and bookmakers are well-established, but the eSports industry can still expand. This is why, in order to make it, it will take you dedication and a couple of smart decisions along the way.

Build Your Brand

The best thing you can do when starting an online gaming journalism job is building your brand. If your brand can be easily connected with great journalism and a steady stream of reports about all things eSports or even gaming-wise, then you will be at the top. Competing with the biggest boys in town takes time and dedication, but that dream is achievable.

Focus on the Details

Having regular uploads is necessary to satisfy all the search engine algorithms and stay at the top of the list, yet focusing on the details can help your brand become unique. If something about your articles and interviews is different and considered special in any way, you already have something you can be proud of.

Doing an interview is fine, but asking the right questions is also fine. Take note of all the boring eSports questions and ask the real stuff, not just about the match preparation and thoughts about the next opponent.

Do Interviews

You can easily report on roster changes, the newest games which are on the market and stuff like that. That is something anybody can do with a little skill and quick fingers. If you, however, interview the players, coaches, developers, publishers and the like, you can get more coverage and get better content for the viewers. Writing about video games and online gaming takes courage, and this is where you get to apply that courage to get results and better content. Asking the scary questions is also something you should be doing.

Do not Use Misleading Headlines

If you take something out of context and place it as a headline only to get views, you are basically click-baiting your customers and viewers/followers. They do not need to assume that a player or developer said something which seems negative or insulting, just because it is taken out of context. Headlines can leave impressions on people and change their minds, as many will simply be discouraged by it and not even read the entire article, or look at an interview.

Keep Working

You cannot get coverage and viewers overnight. Becoming an established brand takes time and a lot of effort. Pour your heart into it and you can definitely earn money writing about online gaming and eSports. There will be challenges and hardships you have to endure, but that same goes for any solo adventure where you are building something from scratch.

Making money and living a comfortable life as an online gaming writer or journalist is not just a possibility, but also a reality for many people.