The Best Baseball Books You Can Read This Year

Sports are interesting. We like reading about sports, as much as we like watching sports and participating. Some fans are more into sports betting, mostly because they love their favorite teams and they want to support them. Modern punters turn to online sportsbooks like JBO Thailand, because they are more practical.

However, some fans are more into reading about a sport and learning about its history and culture, rather than betting or even watching a sport.

Baseball is a great sport, one of the most popular sports in the US, which people should be acquainted with. Here are some of the best baseball books to read in 2022.

The Baseball 100

Everyone has favorite players or those that stand out in one way or another. Joe Posnanski has his own baseball 100, and the best player that ever played baseball is him. This is a great read for anyone who is getting into the world of baseball, for multiple reasons.

They would become familiar with some of baseball’s legends, of which there are many, but they would also learn about some of the less known players, who are still important for the game and the sport. Veterans could also benefit from another opinion, especially a knowledgeable one.

K: A History of Baseball in Ten Pitches

This is a great book that takes pitches or rather types of pitches and names entire chapters after them. Of course, the chapters are also thematically made to be interesting, and they are not just about a single pitch. Tyler Kepner made this book really interesting by adding his own quirks to the stories, but by also including interviews and quotes from famous coaches and players.

It is a great book about baseball history that takes a different approach than standard chronological storytelling.

The MVP Machine

What about leaning into statistics and data and providing the audience with an insight into how modern baseball works and how great players and teams are made? Surely it isn’t just numbered, right?

Of course, it isn’t and the authors of the book, Ben Lindbergh and Travis Sawchik focus entirely on a couple of things, namely the human factor in what makes a team great, as well as how the very teams and athletes use data to make everything better, from players to the overall team. It is a great read for those that want insight into how modern baseball works.

A Fan’s Guide to Baseball Analytics

Baseball has plenty of terms that we have no idea what they mean, even the fans who have been following baseball for decades. Nowadays, we can measure every single stat and there are many terms and names that refer to these things, complicating matters further. 

This is a great book for anyone who wants to get into baseball statistics and who wants a good explanation of all the various statistics and terms used in baseball. Anthony Castrovince does a great job of educating with this book.

These are the best baseball books to read in 2022.