Sharing your writing online: Here’s where and how you can do it!

Luckily for all of us, the internet didn’t change only how we consume entertainment Yes, we might use the internet for playing games, reading the mFortune Bonus Review, or discovering a new app for organization, but we also use it for so much more. We now have the ability to present ourselves and our work online without waiting for people to discover us on their own. Writers are no exception. 

We all want our work to be read. Unfortunately, most of us can’t get every piece that we write published in a physical form (like a newspaper or magazine). That’s why it’s important to know how you can share your writing online. There are many ways in which you can share your work and make it available for others to consume on the internet. This blog post will outline 2 ways in which a writer can share their writing online.

On your blog

If you’re looking to share your writing with the world, an online blog is a great place to start! First, think about what you want to write and start jotting down ideas. Once you’ve got some ideas in mind, start researching the types of blogs that exist and find one that fits your niche. Blogs usually center around a specific topic or theme and so they are great for writers who want to hone their skills in a particular genre. Once you’ve decided on the type of blog that’s right for you and your writing, it’s time to get started!

On your social media

Whether you’re posting a few paragraphs of your novel on Twitter, or putting up the entire thing on your Facebook, there’s something to be said for reader interaction, and even if you’re not sharing your work with the intention of getting major edits to it or any feedback at all, the audience engagement can provide you with the kind of validation that just having the words down on paper doesn’t.

Yes, some people will take their opportunity to tell you exactly how bad they think your writing is (and maybe how bad they think you are as a human being for daring to inflict your writing on others), but that’s one of the reasons why I suggest starting small as far as what you post and where. Posting some work to a Tumblr blog is low-stakes enough that if someone does decide that they hate what you wrote, it’s not the end of the world.

But at the same time, most people who read your work are going to be encouraging! There’s a lot of positivity in the world, and when it comes to creative endeavors, there are few things more encouraging than strangers taking time out of their day to say.


It takes a lot of courage and vulnerability to share your writing with the world, in part because it feels so personal and raw. But you’re not alone! This is something everyone struggles with.

And we get it! But we also want to tell you: no matter what, sharing your writing online is always worth it.

Even if you don’t get the response you were hoping for, even if no one reads your work, even if no one comments on it (or worse—someone does comment on it!), there are many good reasons to put your writing out into the world.