The Impact of Technology on Literacy

Technology has impacted the world greatly. Sometimes we see it, sometimes it goes right through us and we fail to see what is right there in front of us. Technology has changed many parts of our lives, and many industries.

For example, the sports betting industry was changed by technology, with punters starting to bet online and to use bonus codes like this Kod i8 yang disyorkan.

Other disciplines have also been impacted. Let us take a look at literacy, the ability to read, and see how technology impacted it.

There Are More Options

With the internet, the world is open to more things. You can take a book about any topic, or rather, find and purchase it online. There are vast online libraries that make research easier. Purchasing a book and reading has already made everybody’s lives better if the time is actually used for reading.

Already literate people have everything to gain if they are frequent readers. Books are everywhere, and there are plenty of them in the public domain. This alone makes literacy better but is not the only impact that technology has.

Our Focus is Objectively Worse

While this is, of course, not true for every individual, the creation of the internet and subsequently social media and all the fast-changing visual content has made our brains overwhelmed. Our brains were not designed to deal with fast-changing visual content that is so interesting.

It can deal with the content, but a price is paid. The price is that we lose our ability to focus, the more we scroll and spend time on social media. This, to counteract the previous argument, is impacting literacy in a very negative way.

Now, children and teenagers simply do not have the concentration necessary to even read a short story, let alone a novel, if they are spending most of their day on their phones or computers.

Ways to Improve Literacy Are Better

The internet gave way for us to take courses and to learn online. We can become better simply by investing our time and energy in the right place. Given so many options, some people might find themselves paralyzed, which is okay. This is why courses exist. They offer a comprehensive look at a topic, without you having to do much but listen and follow through. 

Since most online lessons are video lessons, it is much easier for today’s people to learn, particularly those who are used to spending a lot of time looking at a screen and changing content.

A Large Platform to Reach Students

The internet allows teachers to reach millions of students. Literacy is all about the passion to read a book. This passion cannot be gained through phones unless it is explained to the children that the books have something of value. The books have to have meaning for the children and relaying that meaning to the children is the best way to get them to take an interest in reading.

Books Within Games

This is an interesting thing that goes unnoticed. Plenty of video games have books and some like The Elder Scrolls have animated books. This can be used to promote reading actual books.

Technology has impacted literacy, and this can be good or bad depending on the situation. In some ways, the impact was really bad, but if we take the right steps, it can only be helpful.