Books About Video Games Which Influenced Me

Video games were a large part of my childhood and getting to read about them really managed to improve my overall experience of gaming, as well as my knowledge of the scene. I also moved on to some more serious types of games in casinos, the likes of which can be found if you click here. As a youngster, I enjoyed gaming for the sake of gaming, but today, that turned into a much deeper experience which influences my career as a writer and storyteller.

Here are the books which influenced me, dealing with the topic of video games.

Ready Player One – Ernest Cline

This book is amazing, from an adventure standpoint, as well as that of the sci-fi genre one. It also does a great job of warning us that brief escapes from reality can turn into an entire lifetime of wasted opportunities and shallow experiences, but also that video games can help you meet some really nice people that can turn out to be your best friends, sometimes even partners.

This book also spawned an eponymous movie, which does a good job of adapting it to the big screen.

The Console Wars – Blake J. Harris

f you grew up in the 90s and you played video games, you have surely played on a Sega or Nintendo console. Both were amazing devices and kept a lot of people and children up at nights, playing their favorite games. This book tells us the story of how the two gigantic companies fought for the title of best console maker.

Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter – Tom Bissell

Whether you hate video games or love them, this book should give you what you want. It’s a mix of a memoir, critique and a report on video game history and why video games are a form of art. This is a great read for anyone interesting in video games.

Replay: The History of Video Games – Tristan Donovan

This book tells the history of video games, from their inception to the modern times. You can see how the concepts evolved, especially the ethics of developing a video game as a perfect product to today’s horrifying abominations, which need 25 patches to begin to work properly.

Reality is Broken – Jane McGonigal

Jane does a great job of explaining why video games do more than help relieve stress. They are more than just a fun activity after work, and this book shows you how video games can help people become something more, something better. The book can certainly change your view on video games, as a whole.

These books definitely inspired me to read more about one of my favorite topics and search for other things in video games. They also serve as a great reminder that the world is evolving and that video games are here to stay, so how we view them is up to us.