Two Amazing Psychology Books of 2021

Psychology has become a very popular interest amongst younger audiences in recent years. Whether that’s because of the rise of self-help ideology or just the sheer availability of various psychological advice on the internet, many people have started seeing psychology as a favorable career path. There are many courses on various topics in psychology online, making it even more accessible to people all around to world to get into the field of psychology even without a proper degree. What goes even without saying is that almost everything is available online, regardless of where you come from – you can read newspapers, play games, study online or gamble with bet365 보너스 코드. However, as you know, one of my main interests is books – and today I wanted to talk about two amazing psychology books (that you can definitely find online) released in 2021 that you should definitely read!

Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know

 Released in February this year, Adam Grant’s “Think Again” really makes its readers rethink their values and beliefs. This is exactly what the author had in mind when he was writing the book; namely, his main argument is that in today’s uber-fast world, we need a new cognitive skill that co-exists with intelligence, a skill that may even be more useful than intelligence itself: the skill of re-thinking and unlearning. According to Grant, we focus way too much on what makes us comfortable, we rely on people with the same mindset as us, we defend our innate beliefs without questioning them, all of which might sound fantastic at first until you realize that it all hinders your progress. Grant’s idea is that we limit ourselves by relying on intelligence only; he claims that intelligence may even make us less smart!

If you want to see how and why he uses this argument, be sure to read his book. I assure you it is a very educational read and well, you can say that it is eye-opening! It makes you re-think if you’re even thinking properly…


 Released in early March this year, “Mine!”, a brilliant book written by Michael Heller and James Salzman, two professors of law who go on to prove and explain the meaning of ownership, is a must-read! The reason why this book is essential in today’s day and age is that it discusses one of the core elements of our being; it discusses ownership. Naturally, you may wonder, how is ownership essential to us? That was at least my reaction when I picked this book up. But then I realized how important it really is – Heller and Salzman go on to show that claiming ownership is virtually innate. Babies, from the moment they learn how to speak, learn to claim what’s theirs and by the time they grow up, the process of claiming seems almost natural. If this topic seems interesting to you, pick this book up!