Best Books on Writing that Influenced and Helped Me

There are so many books on writing that a person can go on reading about them for ages. Many of them are really good and can take you by surprise, most of them giving you really simple advice that you could’ve thought of yourself, in an alternate timeline.

Among those many books, there are some that influenced and helped me become a better writer. Here are those books, in no particular order.

The Writing Life: Writers on How They Think and Work

There is nothing like a good book which is personal and shares the experience of a human. Rather, there is, if there are plenty of humans sharing a plethora of experiences, such as what triggers them and what makes them happy.

This book by Marie Arana captures the thoughts and experiences of fifty different authors. Their stories, as they’ve experienced them, told by the authors themselves, it is truly an amazing experience. This is something an aspiring writer should look to if they want to get a dose of an author’s life without actually living it.

Zen in the Art of Writing: Essays on Creativity

Ray Bradbury is a well-known name in the world of fiction. He has written a lot of amazing things through the years and remains a solid source of inspiration. How fitting that he wrote a book on creativity and writing, or rather a collection of essays which you can pick up and read anywhere, without a specific reading order.

That is one of the greatest things about this book, apart from the very many fun and interesting opinions and experiences of Bradbury himself. Being able to read a part of the book and still enjoy a wholesome experience is very beneficial. It should be carried at all times almost like a map or guide.

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

If you want to learn how Stephen King dealt with the many issues and challenges he had on his journey of becoming one of the most successful writers of our time, then this is the right book for you. You will find out about what you can face and find on the way to becoming a writer, especially a successful one. Take note that Steven King had a lot of problems before he became famous. It is an amazing read for any aspiring writer.

Stein on Writing

Sol Stein is a legendary writer and publisher, as well as an editor. His experiences throughout his very long career are in this book, anything from writing, editing or publishing. This is a great read for any writer who’s hoping to increase their knowledge and familiarize themselves with the world of publishing and editing.

The book is full of examples of how to improve writing and how to become a better author, how to write a good piece of work from the start.

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers

This book is an amazing read if you want to become your own editor and make your work ready for publishing even before you go to a publisher. Renni Browne and Dave King made this book for any aspiring author.

These books inspired me to become a better author and changed the way I looked at writing. They can do the same for you.