Differences Between Types of Writing – The Many Shapes a Text can Take

Writing can be very different, depending on the writer, but also the target form or audience. Even within the same type, a novel, for example, you will see many differences, from writer to writer. What about the shapes and forms of writing? There are many shapes and forms of writing, but these are the most common ones. 

News Articles

News articles are to be found everywhere. They are the most common form of text today, especially online. They deal with the events, pointing things like locations, people, time and sometimes rumors. Sometimes, these articles are published in actual newspapers, but they will, for the most part, remain online. A very similar type of writing is a blog article, which can also be news-related.

Tutorials or How-To Articles

Another very popular type of writing is a how-to article. It usually consists of many points which one needs to follow to do a certain thing. There are plenty of sites that deal with this type of writing, dealing with myriad of different topics, from the ones that explain how to use, say, a Cod Bonus Vlad Cazino, to those telling you how to, for example, boil an egg properly. The most memorable one among these is certainly wikiHow.


Reviews are a form of writing that has existed for a long time and they can completely change the perception of a certain piece of writing, or anything else, for that matter. Bad reviews can send a product down a couple of hundred spots or a book out of the public’s eye. A good review can do the opposite, create a bestseller.

Reviews usually have concise points about a certain product or writing, and are easy to understand, for the most part. They should be easy, as people who tend to read reviews often look for data or experience, rather than complex and confusing sentences.

Comic Books

Comic books are primarily driven by art, but there is some dialogue or text in them. Even though all of the scenes need to be drawn, sketched or painted, they still tell a story in a sequence. Storytelling is an important part of comic books, so planning and writing that story out, or dialogues is paramount if you want to have mercy on your artist. Writing for comic books requires you to plan ahead, in collaboration with the artist.

Novels, Novelettes and Short Stories

These tend to be a bit longer than your average articles, going from 7,500 words to anywhere near 500,000 words. The word count alone does not define the form of each of these, but what they do have in common is that they are longer than an average article.

They also tend to tell stories in a much more detailed way, especially when it comes to the characters. A novel will have more space to work with, thus the possibility of getting to know a couple of characters in length; think of Tolstoy’s War and Peace.

Video Game Writing

This is a very difficult type of writing as it involves you working with other people, most notably video game designers and voice actors. The job of video game writers is to write the main plot, sometimes even sub-plots, dialogues, characters and even the entire game world. It is also more often than not, a freelance job.

These different types of writing are common today, both online and offline and you are likely to see examples of the said types on a daily basis.